TASH Connections Seeks Proposals for Special Issue

Call for Proposals

Special Issue: Perspectives on Post-Secondary Education: Voices of Self-Advocates & Students with Disabilities

TASH Connections is an online magazine written exclusively for, and by, TASH members. Each issue contains provocative articles on breakthroughs in the disability field, and challenges readers to rethink some of the toughest issues affecting people with disabilities, their families and advocates.

Proposals are invited for papers for a special issue of the magazine on the theme of Perspectives on Post-Secondary Education: Voices of Self-Advocates and Students with Disabilities. It will feature inclusion, advocacy, and positive stories or examples about the experience of attending a college program. The special issue will be edited by Jessica Bacon (Montclair State University), Danielle Cowley (University of Northern Iowa), and Beth Myers (Syracuse University).

We invite pieces from self-advocates/people with disabilities attending college. While we are primarily seeking entries from participants in postsecondary programs, we are open to other submissions from families or friends who write alongside a person attending a program regarding joint experiences.

Examples of the types of submissions we are looking for include:

  • Writings about your experiences at college and how those experiences helped you become an advocate, or helped you become more a part of your campus, community, etc.
  • Pictures, videos, or digital stories of your experiences
  • Poetry or other creatively-written stories
  • Other ways we haven’t thought of to represent your experiences.

We are currently seeking proposals for potential pieces for the special issue. Proposals should be approximately 300 words. Inquires for proposal ideas are welcomed.

Deadline for proposal submission: February 15, 2017

Authors receive invitation to submit full paper: March 15, 2017

Deadline of submission of full papers to special issue editors: April 15, 2017

Publication in TASH Connections: May/June 2017

Email proposals to guest editors (baconj@mail.montclair.edu, danielle.cowley@uni.edu, bemyers@syr.edu) by February 15, 2017.