TASH Delivers Recommendations to White House on Increasing Integrated Employment

TASH staff Barb Trader and Serena Lowe presented recommendations to increase integrated employment and to promote effective youth transition to employment at a White House meeting attended by White House staff and several agencies on September 22.  As members of the National Disability Leadership Alliance, TASH had an opportunity to share recommendations of actions the Administration can take without Congressional action with agency leadership from Office of Disability Employment Policy, Office of Special Education, Health and Human Services, Centers on Medicaid and Medicare Services, Social Security Administration, Rehabilitation Services Administration, and the President’s advisors on disability policy. Recommendations specifically referenced more cross-agency collaboration and clear guidance to states to spend federal funds on supports that result in integrated employment.

Recommendations were received favorably, and an ongoing dialogue will be facilitated with support from the National Council on Disability. You’re invited to review the full list of recommendations here.