TASH joins the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Briefing “Ferguson and Beyond”

Leadership ConferenceIn April, TASH joined the country’s leading civil and human rights organization as a member of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.  With its 200 member organizations, the LCCHR works for social justice through a variety of issue areas, including the rights of people with disabilities.  TASH has provided a strong, clear voice to the work of the Conference as it relates to education, community living, employment, and human rights.

Most recently, TASH joined the LCCHR and other leaders from the Civil Rights community at a national briefing on Ferguson, Missouri and the actions taken since the shooting death of Michael Brown.  During the briefing, advocates, organizers, and individuals from across the country spoke about the response to the events in Ferguson from both the local and the national perspective.

LCCHR President, Wade Henderson, spoke clearly about this being “a moment to make structural reforms” to address the complicated issues that have become salient around the ongoing Civil Rights struggle.

Participants in the briefing called specifically to partner with the disability community, asking that the disability community stand shoulder to shoulder with them.  TASH’s Jenny Stonemeier attended the briefing and connected the work that TASH and others have done related to disproportionality and harsh disciplinary practices in schools, that overwhelmingly affect children of color and children with disabilities.  Jenny went on to extend an offer of partnership and collaboration on these important issues, as we move forward.

TASH is eager to continue this work; to build relationships with others in the Civil Rights community.  We are stronger when we stand together.