TASH Monthly Membership Rates

TASH Now Offers Monthly Memberships!

You now have the ability to become a member at a monthly membership rate. Once you’ve looked over the benefits and chosen your membership subscription level and created your account, when you proceed to pay for your membership, you have the option to choose a payment option: yearly or once a month on the first of the month.

Whether you subscribe monthly or annually, the benefits levels are the same. This page lists all the membership information at the monthly rate (you can see the same information at the annual rates here).

About TASH

TASH is a vibrant community of professionals and advocates committed to positive and lasting change in the lives of people with significant disabilities. TASH’s difference is that strong social justice values — equity, opportunity and inclusion — drive our work. Our membership is comprised of family members, self-advocates, academic professionals and students, teachers and school administrators, support providers and many others. Together, we promote evidence-based practices developed through research and advanced through training, publications, and advocacy.

Since 1975, TASH members have made remarkable contributions to change policy and professional practice, and as a result, people with significant disabilities are more likely to be included as contributing citizens in all aspects of community life. As a member-based organization, we rely on the contributions of a network of passionate individuals like you. If you are looking to make a difference, join TASH today.

Become a Member

There are three easy ways to become a member:

  1. Renew Online: From one of the links below on this page, select the membership level that’s right for you.
    1. If you are renewing an existing membership, log in to your account and follow the directions.
    2. If you don’t know your account credentials, there are instructions for accessing them here.
  2. Mail, E-mail or Fax: You can mail the membership form to: Attn: Membership, TASH, 1101 15th Street NW, Suite 1212, Washington, D.C. 20005. You can also scan and e-mail it to info@tash.org or fax it to 202-540-9019.
  3. Give Us a Call: We’re available by phone to discuss membership options and help you renew your membership with TASH. Just give us a call at 202-467-5730, ext. 1330.

Become a Member
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A range of member benefits are available at several membership levels. The table below summarizes the benefits available at each membership level. Following the table is a more detailed listing of the benefits of each membership level, as well as a description of the eligibility for each membership level.

Regular Reduced Organization
$33 / month
$14 / month
$7.50 / month
Self-Advocate, Family & Supporter
$3.25 / month
$4 / month
Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, the official TASH research journal (print copy) X 1 COPY
Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (online access to current and archived issues) X X X 5 STAFF
Connections, the quarterly magazine written by and for TASH members X X X X 5 STAFF
Connections Library (includes access to 10 years of Connections archives) X X X X 5 STAFF
TASH webinar archive X 5 STAFF
Reduced registration rates for TASH conferences and events X X X X 5 STAFF
Discounts for TASH Training webinars, publications & other offerings X X X X 5 STAFF
Access to TASH’s professional network, forums & blogs X X X X 5 STAFF
Affiliation with a TASH Chapter (includes policy and expertise, Capitol Hill Days, Chapter communications & activities X X X X 5 STAFF
TASH in Action, Advocacy Alerts & updates X X X X 5 STAFF

All TASH members are a part of a rich network of expertise, information, advocacy and shared values through the following benefits:

  • Current and past issues of Connections, the member-driven online magazine of TASH
  • Discounts on the TASH Annual Conference, regional conferences and web-based trainings
  • A network of advocacy with member organizing, Capitol Hill days and action alerts
  • Access to the expertise and values of peers, advocates and professionals through participation in chapters and TASH’s online forums

Regular Price Membership

Professional Membership — $14 / month

This is the membership for people working in the disability field in a professional capacity — such as tenured professors, service providers or agency administrators. This membership level includes all the basic benefits of membership listed above, plus you will receive:

  • TASH’s scholarly research journal Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD) delivered to your mailbox quarterly
  • Online access to archived editions of RPSD going back to 1975
  • The TASH Professor program, an online network of higher education professionals

Reduced Price Memberships

Associate Membership — $7.50 / month

For professionals in the first five years of a career in the disability field, allies, and family members. You will receive most of the benefits of Professional Membership, but at a reduced fee for post-graduates, pre-tenure professors, K-12 educators or junior agency personnel:

  • Online access to current and past editions going back to 1975 of TASH’s scholarly research journal Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD)
  • In addition, you will be able to participate in the TASH Early Career Professional network, an online group of higher education professionals where members can seek out shared research interests, collaborators and mentors.

Self-Advocate, Family and Direct Support Professional Membership — $3.25 / month

The TASH membership for self-advocates, family members, direct support professionals and other people working in the field with limited incomes. This membership can be offered at this rate thanks to the generous contributions of members and donors, and is intended for people with restricted incomes.

At this level of membership you will receive all the same benefits of standard membership, but at a significantly reduced price:

  • The latest issues of Connections, the member-driven online magazine of TASH
  • Discount on registration for the annual TASH Conference and regional conferences
  • Discounts on all training and webinar offerings
  • Affiliation with your state/regional chapter
  • Participation in online forums and professional networks
  • Exclusive opportunities for advocacy and education

Student Membership — $4 / month

Available exclusively for students in grades K-12 and full-time enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Student membership includes all benefits of Standard Membership, plus:

  • Online access to Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD), the quarterly TASH research journal
  • Online access to archived editions of RPSD going back to 1975

Organization Membership

Organizational Membership $33 / month

When your organization becomes a member at this level, up to five members of your staff receive the complete benefits of membership, including:

  • One copy of Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD), TASH’s scholarly research journal, mailed to your organization quarterly.
  • Online access to the current issue and past issues of RPSD going back to 1975 for the five staff members.
  • All new and archived articles from Connections, the member-driven online magazine of TASH.
  • Discounts on registration for up to five members of your staff at the TASH Annual Conference, regional conferences and web-based trainings.
  • Affiliation with your state/regional chapter.
  • Participation for your staff in TASH’s online groups, forums, blogs and other information sharing resources.
  • Your organization and its staff will become a part of TASH’s network of advocacy through member organizing, Capitol Hill days and action alerts.