TASH Recording with StoryCorps featured on StoryCorps Atlanta Website

TASH was very proud to partner with StoryCorps in recording the stories of people with disabilities and their families on-site at the 2011 TASH Conference. The use of storytelling as an agent of change has inspired wide-spread impacts in a number of different social justice movements. This partnership sought to bring greater attention to the disparate experiences that people with disabilities of diverse backgrounds and their families face.

One of the recorded stories from the 2011 TASH Conference, featuring Nalini and Nandy Isaac, is available on the StoryCorps Atlanta Website. This story will be available all week from this page.

From the StoryCorps Atlanta website:

“Nalini Isaac’s adult daughter, Nandy, has Down syndrome. At StoryCorps, Nalini told Nandy about her first experience ever seeing a person with a disability, when Nalini was a 6-year-old growing up in India.”

Listen to Nalini and Nandy’s story here!

What is StoryCorps?

StoryCorps (https://storycorps.org/) is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. A handful of these stories are then selected to be played on National Public Radio (NPR) stations.