TASH Releases ‘The Cost of Waiting’ with Announcement of Restraint and Seclusion Bill

In March 2010, The Keeping All Students Safe Act was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill was a critical first step in ensuring children were safe from abusive restraint, seclusion and aversive interventions in our nation’s schools. The victory was short-lived, however, as the Senate counterpart to this legislation failed to reach the floor for a vote.

What is the cost of waiting? Each day we go without these vital protections, children in schools across the U.S. – with and without disabilities – are vulnerable to physical and emotional trauma, and even death. We cannot afford to wait any longer, for the cost is much too great.

Today, TASH is releasing a one-year report on The Cost of Waiting. This report highlights the real repercussions of inaction, as seen through news articles published since March 2010. This report is being issued in conjunction with the re-introduction of the Keeping All Students Safe Act by Rep. George Miller (D-CA).

Please join us in telling the nation that the cost of waiting is unacceptable, and we must act now. Click the link below to view the full report. We encourage you to share this information with your networks, colleagues, family and friends.

The Cost of Waiting

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