TASH Wraps 2010 Family Support Training ‘Texas Style’

Thanks to funding from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, TASH has been running a Family Support Training Project throughout 2010. The Family Support Training Project provides culturally and linguistically competent training to self-advocates and families around the country. The initiative has a focus on persons of diverse backgrounds, are these individuals and families are least often connected to services and organizations in their communities and commonly face disparities in health, employment and education.

On December 13-14, the final Family Support Training event of the year was held in Austin, Texas. Participants included Texans from across the state. The level of discussion and experience was, like Texas itself, anything but small! During this two-day training event, participants worked through a series of guided conversations about disability, and openly shared their thoughts and experiences with disability and how their cultural backgrounds and perceptions have influenced their lives.

Following the training, participants came away with a deeper understanding of how cultural differences can permeate the disability experience and influence access to important services and supports. One parent in particular was enthusiastic about her time spent at the training event. She said that this training was exactly what she needed to renew her spirit in advocating for her daughter’s services and supports.

The completion of this training marked the 14th such event in 2010 through the Family Support Training Project. So far we’ve impacted hundreds of families throughout the country and made some great friends along the way. We’re now working in several states to build upon the work we’ve completed and establish training events focused on leadership and advocacy. We’ll keep you posted on future events and opportunities in your area. If you’d like more information about the TASH Family Support Training Project and its curriculum, please contact Haley Kimmet at hkimmet@tash.org or (202) 540-9015.

2010 Family Support Training Event in Texas
Participants and trainers at the Texas Family Support Training event share their experiences through guided discussions, informal conversation and music. The result was a powerful training that brought individuals together as a community