Endrew F. Guidance for Parents

Endrew F. Guidance for Parents

Know Your Rights!

The interpretation of the provision of FAPE in the Endrew F. decision states that all students are to be provided “an appropriately ambitious education with challenging objectives in light of the child’s circumstances.” This is a significant change and a powerful tool for raising expectations and presuming competence for all students with disabilities.

Talking Points

  1. The IEP is not a form or curriculum

    It is a roadmap for your child’s education and life, much like you would use in a car to decide which path to take. It is about additional skills and concepts.

  2. Your input is needed and necessary

    Think of the IEP meeting as a negotiation, much like buying a car. Put the time and effort into negotiating what is best for your child like you would negotiate with a car dealer to buy a car.

  3. The IEP must be appropriately ambitious in light of your child’s circumstances, just like the roadmap for students without disabilities.

    • Your child should have the chance to meet challenging objectives.
    • Individualized special education should be calculated to achieve advancement from grade to grade; individualized special education does not mean separate setting.
    • Goals and objectives should align with the assessments in the present levels of performance.
  4. FAPE involves integration in the general education classroom

    Every child with an IEP is entitled to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restricted environment (LRE). Your child has the right to attend the school he/she would attend if they didn’t have a disability. Setting and placement is an IEP team decision. You are a very important part of the IEP team. All students CAN and SHOULD be educated with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. Make sure to advocate for what is best for your child. If the rest of the team doesn’t agree, make sure they tell you why, they must have a compelling reason.


  1. About the IEP
  2. Getting ready for the IEP meeting
  3. Common Core State Standards
  4. Standards-based IEPs
  5. Guidance on placement decisions
  6. What you need to know about LRE

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