Problems Persist at Texas Institution

The Austin State Supported Living Center is “still struggling to protect residents, provide adequate nursing care and accurately document restraints,” says a recent article in the Austin American-Statesman. The center remains out of compliance with 153 of 171 provisions outlined between Texas and the Justice Department back in June 2009, when the state came under heavy scrutiny from Department officials for the treatment of residents in 13 state-supported institutions.

Although independent monitors have been assigned to asses the centers every six months, the compliance rate for the Austin State Supported Living Center is exactly the same as it was in November, the last time the center was reviewed. In the most recent monitoring report, it was revealed more that half of the center’s 350 residents have urgent dental care needs, and patient restraint records are incomplete, inconsistent or missing.

The lack of progress of the Austin State Supported Living Center hasn’t gone unnoticed by disability advocates, who have been adamant the state do more to support individuals with disabilities in the community. Otherwise, reports of mistreatment, poor health and employee failings will continue. TASH urges state officials and the Department of Justice step up and do the right thing for Texas residents with disabilities.

Austin center for people with disabilities struggles to comply with federal requirementsAustin American-Statesman – August 7, 2011