The Continued Debate about Facilitated Communication

A Response from TASH’s Executive Director and President of the TASH Board

The value and utility of facilitated communication (FC) – and TASH’s relationship to it – has been debated now for over 20 years. As a result, a number of TASH members have taken strident positions, either critical of FC or in favor of its use. Because TASH has remained intact and resolute in its commitment to achieve its mission, we continue to take on tough issues that sometimes cause tension and division in the organization in order to arrive at important contributions to the quality of life of people with disabilities. This is a role we must continue to play.  We believe it is appropriate now to clarify TASH’s position on FC.

TASH Executive Director, Barb Trader, and Board of Directors President, Ralph Edwards, have produced a response in regards to the debate sparked by the Fall issue of Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (Volume 39, Number 3).  To read the entire response letter, click the link below.


Read the response letter here.