The Fight for Medicaid is Not Over!

Last week, Congress officially left the Nation’s Capital for August recess. As we celebrate the Senate’s failure to pass the Medicaid repeal, we must remind ourselves that the fight is not over. A new healthcare bill could re-emerge, so August is a critical time for advocacy in your state. Below are some ways you can take action in your state while your elected officials are home.

Set-up meetings with your elected officials while they are home.

Attend townhalls or other in state events.

Hold members accountable for their votes!

  • If they voted no, thank them.
  • If they voted yes, tell them to you are disappointed and that you hope they will not support any bills that cut Medicaid or rollback protections for people with disabilities and/or pre-existing conditions. Remember that this applies to both the House and Senate!

Write a letter to your Senator.

  • View our sample letter.
  • View the Arc’s sample email template.
  • For both Representatives and Senators, ask them to (1) drop their attempts at repeal of the ACA; (2) instead work together in a bi-partisan manner using the regular order for any needed healthcare solutions; and (3) take Medicaid out of the ACA conversation and oppose any bills that would cut or cap Medicaid.

Keep up the fight!

  • Write letters to the editor and op-eds for local newspapers. View our Medicaid Cuts = Disability Cuts toolkit for examples. addresses. Check out the Center for Public Representation’s guidelines on how to write an op-ed.
  • Continue to utilize social media as a tool. Search for hashtags such as #SaveMedicaid.
  • Educate your members of Congress about the Disability Integration Act (DIA) and how it would help protect home and community based services. Ask them to co-sponsor it. Click here for information on CCD’s support of the DIA and be sure to check out the DIA fact sheet.

Keep up the good work!