The Institute on Community Integration at University of Minnesota Seeks Full-Time Researcher

A full-time (100% FTE) research leadership position is open in the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) in the Community Living program area.  This research position is designed to plan for, implement and report on currently funded and future research on programs and services related to positive supports, social inclusion, person-centered practices, organizational change, and community capacity building related to community living for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Research projects will focus on and include large scale systems and policy questions as well as community and organizational interventions designed to improve quality of life, community living and social inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Primary duties will involve 1) grant writing, 2) planning and leading research programs and specific activities (e.g.  research instrument design and development, data collection and management, data analysis and writing technical reports) and 3) authoring of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports and other knowledge translation materials, 4) resource management and collaboration with diverse staff and stakeholders at the University, state, and national level.  This position will also require the ability to train organizations and individuals on evidence based practices and to make presentations at state and national conferences. It is also a position for which the researcher will be expected to work with others to organize and write grant proposals, and develop new research opportunities by serving as a Principal Investigator.  Preparing and overseeing Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications and reporting is an essential component of this position. The Community Living program area is committed to working with under and unserved communities and it will be expected that the person in this position will work with these communities through all research activities.

Required Qualifications:  The successful applicant must have: 

  • PhD degree in education, social work, psychology, special education, educational psychology, public policy or other related discipline.
  • One or more years of research experience with substantial research and publication record in such areas as community living, social inclusion, positive support practices, person centered practices and other related areas.
  • Broad Documented understanding of community living and supports for people with disabilities including service models, types of funding and varied perspectives of multiple stakeholders in the field.
  • Demonstrated strong professional writing skills, including research reports, peer reviewed research articles, or other print and electronic publications and presenting at conferences and professional meetings.
  • Experience designing and completing analyses for training and research projects that utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Experience in developing and managing project related budgets.
  • Proficiency with using complex data analysis procedures to conduct research activities, including single subject and larger scale interventions.
  • Experience in supervising and mentoring staff and students to design effective research projects and to implement them ensuring data management and appropriate analyses.
  • Eligibility for Principal Investigator (PI) status within one year of hire.
  • Supervision of professional research staff including graduate students.

Desired Qualifications: Of particular interest but not required are:

  • Specific knowledge on different person centered planning methods and person-centered practices.
  • Experience in implementing sponsored projects.
  • Experience in work on or directing federally and state funded research projects.
  • Experience in participating in and contributing to approaches to training and research that use interdisciplinary teams and varied perspectives.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to work well with diverse populations and communities.
  • Ability to translate research findings and activities into plain language for diverse dissemination.
  • History of direct practice experience in human or disability services.
  • Experience supporting individuals and families in inclusive community settings.
  • Proficiency with FileMaker Pro database software, Excel, SPSS, SAS, and R.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Research (75%)

  • Design and write grant proposals and obtain funding to support research activities.
  • Serve as Principal Investigator (once approved by department to do so).
  • Conduct literature reviews including meta-analysis related to various positive and person-centered interventions and other areas related to supporting community living and inclusive communities.
  • Design, develop, implement and monitor effective data management systems.
  • Design, implement and manage training and research projects related to person-centered practices and community living.
  • Conduct and/or guide the analyses of data from research projects related to interventions that use person-centered and positive support and other interventions at the individual and organization levels.
  • Write technical reports and peer-reviewed journal articles related to project activities and analyses.
  • Disseminate and present findings and research activities at local, state, and national meetings and conferences.
  • Ensure IRB policies are followed for all research involving human subjects related to project activities.

Research Development, Management, and Supervision (25%)

  • Manage projects independently, including the development and management of work plans, timelines, and budgets to meet project goals.
  • Directly supervise the work of professional staff and students in relation to specific person-centered, positive support interventions as well as evolving inclusive communities and project duties.
  • Recommend actions to hire, assign work, transfer, and reward professionals and students supervised.
  • Lead or support the writing of grant proposals to ensure a successful program of intervention work to support staff engaged in these activities.
  • Prepare and submit progress reports to federal and other funding agencies.
  • Participate in ICI team meetings and events, as requested.
  • Engage and participate in community, state, and national meetings or groups that focus on inclusion, person-centered practices, and or community living.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned.

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