Training Solutions for Adult Services Providers

The new HCBS waiver rule requires adult services providers to advance systems’ transformational goals of supporting people with I/DD to live in the most integrated community settings, and take control of their services through self-direction. Currently, the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act emphasizes competitive integrated employment as the priority outcome for adult services.

Adult service providers need the appropriate training to ensure everyone in their organizations, from leadership to direct support professionals, has the mastery level to deploy scalable operating platforms comply with their state and federal outcome expectations.

TASH has extensive experience providing inclusive practices training to professionals all over the U.S. since its inception in 1975.

TASH trains hundreds of professionals each year, both in person and via distance learning techniques, in a variety of topics related to adult services including but not limited to:

  • Person Centered Planning and Implementation
  • Integrated Employment
  • Wrap Around Services
  • Systems Transformation
  • Self-Direction
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Supported Decision-Making
  • Government Compliance
  • Policy and program implementation alignment

TASH has an existing staff dedicated to developing and managing capacity training sessions, as well as a roster of instructors who are experts in the fields of adult services and inclusion. Collectively, TASH subject matter expertise has led to the spread of research and best-practices that have directly improved outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Client Centric Approach ImageTASH delivers quality training scalable in expertise, price, and mode to meet client needs with specific objectives and measurable outcomes. TASH’s main goal is to advance systems’ transformational goals of supporting people to live in the most integrated community settings, obtain competitive employment, and take control of their services through self-direction. To that end, TASH Solutions Architects work closely with potential clients to ensure that training is localized to the needs of the clients. TASH is the one-stop-shop for adult service providers to obtain access to training, capability building and business change strategy development and implementation.

TASH can provide curricula for these programs; will select/develop appropriate instructional materials and educational media, highly qualified instructors, and training facilities as requested by the client. Part of the curricula will include an implementation strategy session specific to the client’s State. This strategy will serve as the blue print clients will use to implement new inclusion initiatives. TASH will provide a team of consultants to work with the adult service provider implementation team.

TASH will provide all deliverables including final reports of achievement and attendance; instructional material and curricula; strategic plan; implementation initiative goals and outcomes.

Below are some examples of past training:

  • In 2013, Illinois experienced a rapid closing of state developmental centers and began transitioning people into community settings as a result of the Ligas Consent Decree. To support the successful transition, TASH provided training to providers throughout the state on evidence-based practices in facilitating and supporting community living, including a comprehensive exploration of sustainable change, characteristics of personalized and individualized supports, person-centered planning, and approaches to transition from segregated employment to integrated employment and group to supported living.
  • In 2014, TASH addressed the needs of agencies in the mid-Atlantic region with training on creating well-supported community living environments and on implementing real community living environments for people with significant disabilities.
  • Last year, Oregon reached a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice, which provided Oregonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who can and want to work in typical employment settings in the community the right to do so.In response, TASH provided a full day workshop to Oregon service providers on how to effectively advance Employment First in the state and move workers with I/DD out of workshops and into employment in the community.

In sum, TASH is ready to help you implement strategic transformational goals to support people to live in the most integrated community settings, obtain competitive employment, and take control of their services through self-direction. Our comprehensive, one-stop shop program will enable your organization to implement best practices to meet the state’s new expected outcomes. Contact Dawn Brown at or 202-509-9596 for more information.