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About the Project

#TASHCares is part of a project to raise awareness about the health benefits of COVID-19 vaccines, including the latest boosters, as well as flu and Mpox vaccines for people with disabilities (self-advocates), family caregivers, and direct support providers.


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Updated boosters are cutting the risk of getting sick from Covid-19 by about half

For adults 18-49 boosters cut the odds of symptomatic infection caused by the BA.5 subvariant by 52%, and the odds of infection by XBB or XBB.1.5 by 49%. For adults 50-64, boosters cut the odds of infection by 43% for BA.5 and 40% for XBB subvariants. For those 65 and older, boosters cut the odds of infection with symptoms by 37% and 43% for the BA.5 and XBB subvariants, respectively.

These are estimates of how well vaccines are protecting people against infection that brings symptoms like cough or fever. They are probably working even better against more severe outcomes like hospitalization and death.

Read the full study here:

Find out where you can get the bivalent booster here:



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