Vanderbilt Univ. / TennesseeWorks Seek Director and Dissemination Coordinator

Vanderbilt University and TennesseeWorks are seeking a Project Director and a Dissemination Coordinator to coordinate activities for an Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ “Projects of National Significance: Partnerships in Employment Systems Change” grant. The purpose of this grant is to refine systems, policies, and practices in Tennessee to ensure young people with significant disabilities have the opportunities and supports to access and maintain competitive, integrated employment in their communities.


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Dissemination Coordinator

Download the full job description, or click here to apply for this position online.

About TennesseeWorks

This TennesseeWorks Partnership is comprised of 29 state agencies and organizations working in tandem to accomplish the goals of: (1) further developing our Partnership as a compelling, sustainable collaborative; (2) raising the aspirations and capacities of young people, their families, educators, service systems, and employers to pursue integrated, competitive work as a realistic and first choice; (3) equipping families and educators across the entire state with accessible and relevant resources, training, and supports to enable them to successfully connect youth with disabilities to early work experiences; (4) developing a shared, cross-agency data system to enable data-driven decision making; (5) and stimulating systems and policy change statewide. One innovative aspect of this project will be our implementation of a multi-tiered approach to employment/transition training and resource dissemination statewide. PI: Erik Carter. Co-PI: Elise McMillan. More information about TennesseeWorks can be found at and more information about Vanderbilt can be found at or