Virginia Institute of Autism Seeks Director of Adult Services

Job Purpose
The Director of Adult Services will provide a range of innovative, evidence-based services including day support, vocational training and clinical consultation services to adults with autism and related developmental disabilities.

The Director of Adult Services is responsible for assuring the overall quality and effectiveness of all services provided and for the attainment of financial and operational goals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and Oversee full and part-time staff, providing clinical oversight, ensuring regulatory and licensure compliance
  • Monitor and improve service scheduling and delivery systems
  • Marketing the adult services to the community
  • Assist in the financial and operational management and administering of day support program
  • Maintain and revise program policies and procedures
  • Evaluate regular risk management data and ensure systems are in place to remediate issues
  • Provide professional and technical consultation to staff and clients
  • Evaluate and document the quality and efficiency of day support services provided
  • Provide community-based consultation services to adults with autism
  • Develop and coordinate program expansion efforts to new services, sites and locations
  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all training and supervision activities


  • Valid driver’s license required
  • Must have senior level management skills and the ability to attend to numerous details and understand multiple regulatory standards
  • The position requires the individual to adhere to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts.
  • The position requires familiarity with a variety of funding sources including health insurance, Medicaid waiver programs, public school districts, state and local agency funding, and by self-pay
  • Strong leadership, communication and management skills are needed to guide the adult service staff of supervisors, managers and instructors.
  • Master’s in psychology, special education, or related field required
  • At least five years’ experience serving individuals with ASDs
  • Significant experience with managing programs


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