Welcome Dora, Our Summer Intern!

DoraCroppedDora-maria Isopescu is a rising senior at James Madison University, majoring in Health Care Administration with a Business minor. As the new intern at TASH, Dora’s excited to start working and collaborating with her colleagues, and is looking forward to contributing to and learning about the TASH mission. Having grown up in Romania until she was six years old, she knew zero English when she began kindergarten in the United States. Although she quickly picked up the new language and culture of her new home, she got a small taste of what it meant to be excluded and bullied for being different. Before she moved to the States, she was actively involved with an orphanage that her father helped to fund and build in her hometown of Santana. Being around the orphaned children everyday helped foster her passion for helping those in need. She continues to keep in contact with some of the children the orphanage helped years after she left the country. Dora has also worked closely with the Special Olympics as well as with children with disabilities during her college career and believes her involvement has helped to further her love for working with people with disabilities. Welcome Dora to the TASH team!