What Inclusion Looks Like Twitter Chat

Twitter ChatWhen inclusion happens, we all benefit. This March, TASH launched its This is What Inclusion Looks Like campaign, shining a light on a world where everyone’s contribution counts. On Wednesday, March 23rd from 2-3pm, we are hosting a Twitter chat where people with disabilities, their families, educators, disability support organizations, and other disability advocates will answer the question “What does inclusion look like to you?” The hour-long Twitter chat will provide a platform for the TASH community to share their experiences of inclusion through images, videos, and stories, and more.

We invite and encourage you to participate in this chat. Please tweet, retweet, and like while answering the question “What does inclusion look like to you?” To participate in the chat, follow the instructions listed below. We look forward to celebrating inclusion, and continuing to advocate for it, alongside you.

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TASH (@TASHtweet)

Expert Panelists:
Autism Society (@AutismSociety)
Autistic Self Advocacy Network (@autselfadvocacy)
Dan Habib (@_danhabib)

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Search for the hashtag #WhatInclusionLooksLike. Once you’ve conducted the search, be sure to select the “LIVE” tab at the top of the page so that you can see all the tweets that are coming in. Now tweet away!