TASH Resolution on Cessation of Capital Investment in Segregated Settings

Adopted October 1981
Revised October 1987
Revised March 2000

Statement of Purpose

TASH supports the right of all people with severe disabilities to receive services in integrated environments. Federal and state fiscal policies, including Medicaid, encourage capital investment in segregated institutions, workshops, and other settings. Every state in the nation has invested financial resources in building or renovating large residential settings, segregated workshops, day activity centers, segregated schools, and in other segregated services. This perpetuates an inappropriate, restrictive, and outdated model of services.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT TASH, an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates and people who work in the disability field calls for the cessation of federal and state funding for the renovation and construction of large residential settings, separate work and activity settings, segregated schools and other segregated centers, and calls for the redirection of resources to integrated community supports.