Vaccination Outreach

About the Project

#TASHCares is part of a project to raise awareness about the health benefits of COVID-19 vaccines, including the latest boosters, as well as flu and Mpox vaccines for people with disabilities (self-advocates), family caregivers, and direct support providers.

Find out how you can get the latest booster:


Results of TASH Vaccination Survey, Part 1

In early February TASH conducted a survey on vaccinations of all of our contacts as part of our #TASHcares project to raise vaccine awareness. The survey was brief, but addressed vaccination levels, attitudes, motivations and information sources. Over the course of a series of blog posts, we will share some

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Vaccination Testimonials

Cheryl Bates-Harris begins the #TASHcares series of video testimonials on the importance of people with disabilities (self-advocates), family caregivers, and direct support providers receiving the latest COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. She tells about her experience of the lockdowns and her relief at how the vaccine allowed her to resume her normal life.
Ricardo Thornton discusses his experience of the COVID-19 vaccine. At first he didn’t want to get vaccinated, then because all the people in his life – his employer, concern for library patrons, the encouragement of staff at D.C. Disability Services, his grandchildren and his wife – he decided to get fully vaccinated.