Executive Director (Interim)

An official federal government portrait of Serena Lowe. She has blond, shoulder-length hair and a big smile. She is wearing a black blazer and a bit of a U.S. flag can be seen over her right shoulder.

Serena Lowe
(202) 891-7126

Director, Special Events

A headshot of Linda Metchikoff-Hooker, a woman with short gray hair in a patterned shirt in front of a schrub

Linda Metchikoff-Hooker

Manager, Operations & Digital Presence

A portrait of Donald Taylor, a man with a medium smile and a mob of curly dark hair in a black collared shirt against a pattern of a blue pained wrought-iron gate

Donald Taylor
(202) 878-6959


A portrait of Sheila Harrison. She is a black woman turned a quarter to her left. She has long small braids over each shoulder and is wearing a v-neck grey ribbed shirt. She is standing against a pale marble panel wall.

Sheila Harrison
(202) 808-8148

Consultant, Self-Advocate Engagement

Tia Nelis
(240) 305-0673

Consultant, Special Projects

A photograph of Chernet Weldeab. He is an African-American with short, curly hair. He is wearing a purple patchy patterned sweater over a collared shirt.

Chernet Weldeab