TASH Resolution on Deinstitutionalization

 Adopted October 1979
Revised November 1999
Revised March 2000

TASH calls for the termination of services, activities, and environments which:

  • Remove individuals with disabilities from their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities;
  • Require that persons with disabilities live under circumstances that would not be considered acceptable for persons within that same age range were they not labeled with a disability. These circumstances include institutions, large group homes, and ICFs/MR;
  • Rely exclusively upon paid caregivers and other professionalized relationships to the detriment of social support networks, family systems, peer relationships, and friendships; and
  • Stigmatize persons with disabilities by portraying them as individuals in need of help, care and sympathy rather that dignity, respect, and mutual companionship.

TASH believes that both the commitment and the technology exist for people with disabilities to obtain needed and desired supports in communities and neighborhoods.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT TASH, an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates and people who work in the disability field, calls upon the professional and advocacy community to work toward options for people with disabilities that reflect the full range of choices that are available to persons without disabilities.

FURTHER, TASH supports the spending of government funds in support of people with disabilities and families pursuing life in the community.