Florida TASH

About Florida TASH

Florida TASH supports inclusion, equity and opportunity for people with significant disabilities so they are able to live valued lives as fully participating members of their communities across their life span. Our goal is to support people with disabilities, their parents and families and position our chapter as a resource for service providers and community members.

One of our areas of focus for the upcoming year is the promotion of inclusion of people with significant disabilities in educational, community and workplace settings. We aim to identify and partner with existing organizations that share TASH’s values and work towards holding an annual conference as well as host awareness and informational meetings throughout the year.

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Chapter Leadership

LaQuita S. Montgomery, President
Leslie Lederer, Vice President
open position, Secretary
Susan Parsons, Treasurer
Dick Skaggs, Board Member
Melinda Morrison, Board Member
AnnMarie Orlando, Board Member

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A tightly cropped photograph of LaQuita Montgomery, an African American woman who is smiling broadly against a green backgroundLaQuita S. Montgomery

A tightly cropped photograph of a white woman with wavy brown hair pushed back on one side and glassesLeslie Lederer