North Carolina TASH

NC-TASH realizes that there is a need for a strong advocacy organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina to promote “equity, opportunity, and inclusion”. NC-TASH’s mission is to serve as an advocacy organization that will include professionals, parents and family members, persons with disabilities, and other North Carolina citizens who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. NC-TASH aims to focus on improvements through legislation, policy development, education, information dissemination, and direct support. We will target improvements in four key areas:

  • Family support
  • Inclusive education
  • Community living
  • Supported and customized employment
A group of 14 people standing in two rows against a blue-grey wall
The business meeting of the North Carolina Chapter at the Western Carolina University Second Annual Inclusion Summit, 9 June 2017

NC TASH on Social Media

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Chapter Leadership

Karena Cooper-Duffy, President
Pam Mims, Vice President
Susan Buchanan, Secretary
Becky Garland, Treasurer
David Westling, Advisor
Kelly R. Kelley
Rebekah Norris
Seb Prohn
Laurie McDanel
Vicki Faircloth
Bree Jimenez
Susan Mayfield Pogoloff
Karen Diegelmann
David Maennle
Sandra Warren

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Karena Cooper-Duffy, a portrait of a woman with curly hair in a half-ponytail. She is against a white background with some delicate gray lines created by the light on the molding.

Karena Cooper-Duffy