As members of Ohio TASH, we wish to take part in building joyful, life-sharing communities that grow from the high expectations that we, as community members, have of ourselves and each other. All of Ohio’s communities must grow to include or re-include some who are now missing from our towns, schools and lives.

To this end, our mission includes:

  • Strengthening Voices: our own and those of people whose voices have never been heard or have not been heard for a long time;
  • Convening Conversations: among colleagues and community members so that we can learn from, help, and sustain each other through the hard and focused work of community building and change;
  • Reviewing and renewing what we “know so far” about helping people who desire or need it–whether for one person (individual change), or for many (systemic change); and
  • Being curators and sharers of the stories of our fellow community members; of our history and collective experience as a culture.

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