College as a Pathway to Employment

Workshop Description:
As more students with disabilities receive transition services in higher education settings, the issue of how to integrate employment experiences becomes paramount. College can be an ideal setting for youth to expand their vision of employment options through internships, job tryouts, and by engaging them in paid employment both on and off campus. This workshop will include an overview of effective field-tested post secondary education strategies that can be used to engage students in meaningful internships and paid community-based employment. These strategies can be implemented both during and after their college careers. Participants will also have a chance to share examples of successful college program employment experiences for students with disabilities.

Three Workshop Objectives:
1) Describe the college opportunities that are available for students with intellectual disabilities that were developed as a result of changes to the Higher Education Opportunity Act.
2) Understand how college experiences can lead to better employment outcomes for students with intellectual disabilities
3) Explain the importance of paid employment as part of the transition process, including access to unpaid work experiences, internships, and paid employment.