Finding Solutions Together: A Disability Conversation

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When: January 30, 2018 | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Who: This event is by invitation only.
Where: Washington, DC

You are invited to join Walmart and TASH for a one-day forum on living and working in the community for people with disabilities. Bringing together leaders who impact economic opportunity for people with disabilities, three panels will examine the critical issues on this important topic.


Panel I: How Employment Promotes Independent Living
Kelly Buckland, Executive Director, National Council on Independent Living
Tia Nelis, Director of Policy & Advocacy, TASH

Panel II: What Research Has to Say About Employment
John Butterworth, Ph.D., Director of Employment Systems Change and Evaluation Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Community Inclusion/UMass Boston
David Mank, Ph.D., Former Director, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Ruby Moore, M.S., Executive Director, Georgia Advocacy Office

Panel III: Why Sub-Minimum Wage Should Be a Thing of the Past
Phoebe Ball, Legislative Affairs Specialist, National Council on Disabilities
Cindy Bentley, Executive Director, People First of Wisconsin
Anne Sommers, Director of Legislative Affairs & Outreach, National Council on Disabilities