All Means All: Evidenced-Based Features of Fully Inclusive Schools

Workshop Description:
The SWIFT Center, a national K-8 education initiative, provides academic and behavioral supports that make it possible for All students—including those with the most extensive needs—to be welcomed and educated in their neighborhood public schools alongside their grade-level peers. This interactive session will introduce participants through video, powerpoint, and group activities to the key features of inclusive schools and the resources available to support schoolwide transformation. The key features including administrative leadership, a multi-tiered system of support, family and community partnerships, an integrated educational framework, and inclusive policies and practices will be highlighted using national examples of school transformation. All Means All.

Five Workshop Objectives:
1) Learn about evidenced-based practices that support inclusive education and improved student outcomes for everyone
2) Connect to resources available through the SWIFT Center to support inclusive schools
3) Learn about successful parent and community engagement strategies and practices
4) Gain an understanding of a strengths-based approach for school transformation
5) Think about change through an Implementation Science lens

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