Planning and Implementation Strategies that Lead to Inclusive Lifestyles

Workshop Description:
Person-centered planning is more than a single futures planning meeting. Its actually a chance to launch sustained self-determined and self-directed pathways for individuals as they pursue their aspirations in school, at work, and in their communities. In this session, a person-centered planning facilitator and three young adults share their experiences pursuing inclusive experiences with the support of family, friends, teachers, university staff, and counselors. This presentation will include examples of inclusive experiences at college, at home and in the community. Specific strategies and methods to support individuals as they work to achieve these and other inclusive lifestyles will be shared.

Four Workshop Objectives:
1) Explain the key values and features of person-centered planning
2) Identify 5 strategies to take action on the visions identified in the person centered planning process
3) Incorporate coaching and supported decision-making strategies into person-centered planning activities
4) List 2-3 methods to sustain person centered planning for ongoing inclusive experiences