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TASH has been at the forefront of major disability rights legislation, grassroots advocacy and the advancement of education.

Advocacy & Issues

Throughout its history, TASH has been at the forefront of disability rights advocacy and has been a pioneer on key issues impacting equity, opportunity and inclusion for people with significant disabilities. TASH and its members have a record of success exemplified by legislative victories, landmark court cases, commitment to progressive scientific inquiry, dissemination of best practice information and the encouragement of positive portrayals of people with disabilities in the media. From helping shape the Federal Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, to providing testimony and legislative advocacy in every landmark case that has established the right of children with disabilities to a free and appropriate education, or the right of adults to live and work in a setting of their choice, TASH has led grassroots efforts, held national policy discussions and united advocates to create change.

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