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Community Living

TASH is committed to expanding person-centered, long-term supports and individualized choice for community living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

All people have the right the live in and participate in the community with the supports they need. We believe it is a basic human and civil right for people with disabilities to have full and equal participation in society as called for in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the United National Declaration of Human Rights. Children with disabilities belong with families. Adults with disabilities have the right to pursue the same range of lifestyles and opportunities as other members of the community. TASH believes public policy should support these rights.

Children and adults with disabilities should have opportunities to develop relationships with neighbors, classmates, co-workers and community members. Adults, whether married or single, should make decisions about where and with whom they live. The preferences of each individual should be honored in regards to their decisions on community life and participation.

Individuals with disabilities and families must be entitled to quality educational supports, decent and affordable housing, financial security, recreation and employment. To this end, TASH supports the closing of institutions and other segregated settings, including segregated work settings, while working to ensure that people have meaning choices and opportunities in the communities in which they live.

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Additional Resources

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development links to programs, information and resources for housing for people with disabilities. Learn about your fair housing rights, how to file a complaint or contact the department.

This Department also includes the Section 811 program for supportive housing for people with disabilities. This program promotes independent living by increasing the supply of rental housing with the availability of supportive services.

The Center for Housing and New Community Economics (CHANCE) seeks to improve and increase access to integrated, affordable and accessible housing coordinated with, but separate from, personal assistance and supportive services.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition works to achieve socially just public policy to assure people with low incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes.

The National Council of State Housing Agencies links to housing finance agencies across the U.S. that offer individuals, families and businesses a range of support.

The Center for Universal Design evaluates, develops and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, commercial and public facilities, outdoor spaces and products.

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