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TASH Connections is a general interest disability news magazine published four times a year. The publication explores the fields of education, research, public policy and advocacy from a disability perspective.

The content is intended to add new knowledge, share personal perspectives, and/or inform the readership about best practices in the disability field from a variety of different perspectives. Each issue of TASH Connections is focused on a theme allowing readers to gain in-depth insight into a particular topic.

Upcoming Themes 2012-2013

– Early Intervention

– Life After School: Transition and Beyond

– Utilizing and Designing Supports for Full Participation

– Employment: Access, Maintenance, and Expansion

– Community Involvement and Participation

– The Ever Changing Face of Disability: Multi-culturalism and Multi-linguism

If you are interested in contributing a single article, serving as a guest editor for one of the upcoming themed issues, or if you have an idea for an issue, please contact:

Dr. Charles Dukes
Associate Professor & Doctoral Coordinator Editor: TASH Connections
Phone: 561.297.1081

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