Fall Webinar Lineup Taking Shape

TASH is making the popular webinar series Dancing with Community available for the remainder of 2012! Participants in this webinar will have 24/7 access to seven compelling sessions that dig deep into relationship building and community inclusion for people with disabilities. Individual sessions can be purchased starting at $35, or $245 for the seven-part series. Learn more at www.tashorgstg.wpengine.com/webinar.

Over the coming months, TASH will also roll out new webinar on the following topics!

Quality Indicators of Inclusive Education – presented by Cheryl Jorgenson, Consultant and faculty of University of New Hampshire

Alternate Assessments – presented by Debbie Taub, Jean Clayton and Mike Burdge, Keystone Alternate Assessment Design

Asset Building – presented by Abby Cooper, Kennedy Douglas Consulting and Marc Gold & Associates

Employment – presented by Mike Callahan, Marc Gold & Associates

Look for additional details in TASH in Action, or you can learn more at www.tashorgstg.wpengine.com/webinar.