HBO Documentary Highlights Love, Disability and Acceptance

HBO’s hit documentary “Monica & David” follows the story of two individuals with Down syndrome through their marriage and chronicles the joys and challenges they encounter as they seek what other adults have – an independent life. It’s been nominated in the “outstanding informational programming” category of this year’s Emmy Awards, and already won best documentary feature at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2010.

The film follows the daily life of Monica and David as they adjust to their married life and the new challenges and expectations that face them each day. Although Monica and David’s love is never in question, the honeymoon slowly subsides as the realities of everyday life sink in. They prepare to move to a new apartment with her mother and adoptive father, disrupting the routine which Monica and David so rely on. In the midst of the chaos, David is diagnosed with diabetes and it seems that the couple will never be independent.

Monica and David, despite many setbacks, prove to themselves and to those around them they can face the challenges of everyday life. You can view the trailer below and visit the “Monica & David” website for more information about the series.