Research Sessions Galore at the TASH Conference

Each year, the TASH Conference presents researchers with an invaluable opportunity to expand their research, collaborate with self-advocates and families, learn from other researchers, and discuss research trends and needs in the field. This year’s conference includes over 100 research-focused sessions, a colloquium, an early career researcher track, and more! Learn more about these sessions below:

Research Colloquium
The Evidence Based Practices (EBP) and Implementation Science (IS) Colloquium will bring together activist scholars and innovative interventionists who are engaged in analyzing, developing, evaluating, and implementing evidence based practices for improving the quality of life of individuals with severe disabilities across the lifespan.

Research Symposiums
Research symposiums are delivered by teams of researchers around a particular topic such as AAC intervention, education systems and leadership, inclusive research, and inclusive academic instruction. This is a great opportunity to watch scholars and researchers discuss their work as it contributes to the field.

Research Panels
Research panels are delivered by a team of researchers who present their work and discuss how it translates into improved outcomes for people with severe disabilities, services providers, and/or educators. This year’s panels will include Positive Behavior Supports, mathematical problem solving for students with significant disabilities, supporting families, secondary education practices, self determination, and inclusive literacy learning.

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