Take Action | Prevent Gutting of Affordable Care Act and Medicaid

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The Energy and Commerce Committee has just released new legislation for the repealing and replacing of the Affordable Care Act, including cut-backs on Medicaid. Some language within this legislation reads, “Responsibly unwinds Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion” which will be done through, “grandfathering in current enrollees” in a span of two years. Along with this, per-capita allotments (or caps) will be used within the states on order to, “Strengthen Medicaid.” The legislation also refers to, “[Creating] a Patient and State Stability Fund” which would supposedly cater to individuals with low-income.

Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR), of the Energy and Commerce Committee, has issued a statement regarding this legislation saying, “After years of Obamacare’s broken promises, House Republicans today took an important step. We’ve spent the last eight years listening to folks across this country, and today we’re proud to put forth a plan that reflects eight years’ worth of those conversations with families, patients, and doctors. Simply put, we have a Better Way to deliver solutions that put patients – not bureaucrats – first, and we are moving forward united in our efforts to rescue the American people from the mess Obamacare has created.  With today’s legislation, we return power back to the states – strengthening Medicaid and prioritizing our nation’s most vulnerable. We provide the American people with what they’ve asked for: greater choice, lower cost, and flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their needs. Today is just the first step in helping families across this country obtain truly affordable health care, and we’re eager to get this rescue mission started.”

Markups of this legislation will be happening tomorrow, March 8th, by the Energy and Commerce Committee. The legislation will then be put into a reconciliation package, which allows for the legislation to be passed quicker and easier, for the upcoming budget resolution.

To take action against the Energy and Commerce legislation, please refer to this guide.