TASH Announces New Webinar: Dancing with Community

The Delicate and Necessary Art of Fostering Relationships and Networks of Support for People with Disabilities

Starting August 6, 2012

TASH Members $35 (Individual) or $65 (Group)
Non-Members $55 (Individual) or $85 (Group)

All sessions are pre-recorded and available 24/7 for convenient access. Participate in each session as many times as you like!

Dancing with Community is a seven-part webinar series that digs deep into relationship building and community inclusion for people with disabilities. In each session, come along for a unique journey of support that focuses on stepping into the role of a community citizen, and out of the role of agency client. We’ll get to know and understand each aspect of the “dance,” from taking the first steps onto the stage of community, to finding the right dance partners and learning the moves!

This webinar series is intended for community support professionals and agencies interested in organizational change or finding innovative service approaches. Family members and groups of self-advocates will also find this content helpful in discovering what is possible in the community with the right supports. Anyone invested in the quality of life of people with disabilities will be informed and inspired by this series.

Download the series flyer or registration form, or view additional details about this TASH webinar series right here!

Series Includes

The ‘Do-See-Doh’ of Why It’s Hard to Step Back and Why We Need to
Aaron Johannes, Spectrum Society for Community Living

Dancing in Community: Connection
Sally Sehmsdorf, Total Living Concept

Choreographing Your Way through the Community
Keri Parker, Total Living Concept

Get Out! What it’s Like to Leave Center-Based Practices and How to get the Feel for Footwork with Community Partners
Jules Andre-Brown, Spectrum Society for Community Living

The Intricate Ballet of Moving Staff from What is Known Today to the Elegant Dance of Community Welcoming
Pat Fratangelo, Onodaga Community Living

A Circle Dance? Some Observations on Support Circle Arrangements
Michael Kendrick, Kendrick Consulting Intl.

So You Think You Can Dance? Taking Your Show on the Road: A Summary and Call to Action!
Shelley Nessman and Aaron Johannes, Spectrum Society for Community Living

Learn more about the Dancing with Community webinar series right here!