TASH Blog Now Easier to Navigate

There’s good news for those of you regularly following the TASH Blog. Although we’re a bit behind in doing so, we have added categories to each blog post to make it easier to find additional information on a particular topic. Now, both in the preview mode and within the complete post, you’ll see “Posted in …” followed by a list of categories. Just click on the category to view similar posts!

Here’s an example:

 TASH blog screen capture image

Although they run together, “Employment” and “News” are two separate categories. Most general updates will be in the news category, but if you click on employment, you’ll see a list of blog posts that also fall within that category.

It’s a simple change, but one we hope will add to the reader experience on the blog. For now, we’ve added the following categories: Education, Budget, Employment, Restraint & Seclusion, TASH Conference. More will follow, so stay tuned!