TASH is in Vienna, Austria!

[clickToTweet tweet=”TASH’s @TASHBarb @jennystonemeier visit Vienna to present at the 2016 Zero Project Conference” quote=”TASH’s @TASHBarb @jennystonemeier visit Vienna to present at the 2016 Zero Project Conference”]This week, TASH’s Barb Trader and Jenny Stonemeier visit Vienna, Austria to present at the 2016 Zero Project Conference on Inclusive Education and ICT.

TASH is being recognized for innovation in inclusive education around its policy analysis and alignment work with the SWIFT Center, a U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs national technical assistance center.

TASH’s work uses policy as a tool to support the sustainability and scale-up efforts of education agencies to implement practices that improve the academic and behavioral outcomes of all children, including students living in poverty, English language learners, and students with disabilities, including those with significant disabilities and support needs.

TASH is thrilled to be a part of the Zero Project community and an international movement toward inclusive education. View the full 2016 Zero Project Report.