Advocacy Alerts

Take Action! Tell Your Rep to Vote NO on House Budget Resolution

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This week — probably Thursday, October 5th — the House of Representatives is expected to take up the Budget Resolution approved by the House Budget Committee. They’re doing it to fast-track trillions of dollars in tax cuts that will overwhelmingly go to the wealthy and corporations. The budget pays for these tax cuts by cutting $5.7 trillion over ten years from… read more

Take Action | Prevent Gutting of Affordable Care Act and Medicaid

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The Energy and Commerce Committee has just released new legislation for the repealing and replacing of the Affordable Care Act, including cut-backs on Medicaid. Some language within this legislation reads, “Responsibly unwinds Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion” which will be done through, “grandfathering in current enrollees” in a span of two years. Along with this, per-capita allotments (or… read more

Action Alert | Contact OSERS to Help Protect the Rights of Students with Disabilities

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Contact Ruth Ryder at the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) and help protect the rights of students with disabilities! On February 16, TASH, on behalf of its members, sent Ruth Ryder, Acting Director of OSERS, a letter expressing concern with the announcement from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) in the January 3,… read more

Action Alert | Urge Your Senator to Oppose H.J. Res. 57

Contact your Senator today, and urge them to oppose H.J. Res. 57. This resolution will overturn the regulation finalized by the Department of Education on November 29, 2016 that implements the Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA’s) core requirement that schools be held accountable for the performance of all students, including those with disabilities. The regulation… read more

Don’t Let Partisan Politics Interfere With Zika Funding

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The mosquito-borne Zika virus, a major threat to public health, has spread to the continental U.S. It is important that our government acts quickly to combat the disease, as it is linked to numerous clinical mannifestations, specifically microcephaly (resulting in a smaller-than-average head and potential developmental delays), but also retinal damage, seizures, joint problems and… read more

Take Action to Save the ADA!

Oppose H.R. 3765, The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2015 The ADA is once again under attack by another “Notification” bill. The House Judiciary Committee passed this bill 15 – 9, which puts up major barriers to people enforcing ADA rights. It is important for all members of Congress to hear from people with… read more

Take Action! Oppose the ADA Education and Reform Act of 2015

The ADA is once again under attack and it is important for all members of Congress to hear from people with disabilities that weakening the ADA is unacceptable!​ ​H.R. 3765, the ADA Education and Reform Act of 2015, would eliminate the responsibility of businesses to know their obligations under the ADA and place the burden… read more

Act Now! The Home Care Rule

The Home Care Rule is scheduled to go into effect very soon! It is critical that advocates and their allies understand this Rule and are involved in states’ efforts to prepare for its implementation. Your input is vital in ensuring that states do not cut services, dismantle programs that allow people with disabilities to control… read more

Take Action! Prioritize Integrated Employment

Phase Out Subminimum Wage and Sheltered Workshops If you care about high expectations, integrated employment, and valued adult lives, now is the time to ACT! On July 22nd, 2014 President Obama signed into law the Workforce and Innovation Act (WIOA). The enactment of this law established The Department of Labor Advisory Committee on Increasing Competitive… read more

H.R. 5 Update | We Need Your Help Today!

  UPDATE: On July 9, 2015, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5. TAKE ACTION: With the passage of H.R. 5, your action is more critical now than ever. Call your Senator TODAY and tell them that Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 (ECAA – S. 1177) betrays the Elementary and Secondary Education Act’s (ESEA) rich… read more