Inclusive Education

Teachers caught on tape bullying student with disability (video)

The following is a disturbing account of abuse from an Ohio school. As reported on the Today Show on NBC, Cheyanne, a 14-year-old student with a disability, told her father she was being bullied at school. Her father was shocked to learn it was Cheyanne's teachers doing the bullying. After notifying school administrators and being… read more

What issues matter most to you? Poll

As you likely know, many issues of national concern are being debated in Congress that will impact people with disabilities. Members and advocates will have opportunities to discuss these issues with experts and disability leaders at the TASH Conference. Please take this Reader Response Poll and let us know what issues matter most to you!… read more

Disability Policy the Subject of a Virtual Town Hall with the White House

On Thursday, July 14, the White House sponsored a virtual town hall meeting on the issue of disability policy in the Obama administration. The town hall featured top White House disability policy staff, including Kareem Dale, Jeff Crowley, and Rebecca Cokley, who answered questions posed from online submissions. The meeting was called to address the… read more

TASH Blog Now Easier to Navigate

There’s good news for those of you regularly following the TASH Blog. Although we’re a bit behind in doing so, we have added categories to each blog post to make it easier to find additional information on a particular topic. Now, both in the preview mode and within the complete post, you’ll see “Posted in… read more

Ohio Adopts Merit-Based Pay System for Teachers

The big story out of Ohio over the weekend is that teacher pay is now being linked to performance evaluations, a change that comes under the state’s new collective bargaining law. This pay-for-performance model is the first of its kind in the country, and eliminates salary schedules and step increases for the 110,000 public school… read more

Support Transition of Youth with Disabilities

We’re asking you to join us in contacting members of congress to encourage them to co-sponsor the Transitioning toward Excellence, Achievement and Mobility (TEAM) legislation, a package of legislation that includes the TEAM Education Act (H.R. 602), TEAM Empowerment Act (H.R. 603) and TEAM Employment Act (H.R. 604) … read more

IDEA National Survey Examines Rights of Students and Parents

This survey examines whether parents of children with disabilities are treated as equal partners in their children’s education, and whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents are protected. The IDEA National Survey also contains questions about inclusion and assessment issues. … read more