Restraint & Seclusion

(Video) The TASH Congressional Briefing on Restraint & Seclusion

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, TASH held a congressional briefing entitled “National Efforts to Restrict the Use of Restraint and Seclusion Practices in Schools.” The briefing was a gathering place for congressional staff, advocates and field experts to learn about the critical need for legislation that protects students from abusive practices. … read more

TASH Capitol Hill Day: In Pictures

This is a photo post from TASH's congressional briefing on restraint and seclusion on Tuesday, June 28, 2011. The congressional briefing was part of Capitol Hill Day, an effort to support public policy that included a number of advocates, experts and the TASH Board of Directors. … read more

TASH to Hold Congressional Briefing on Restraint & Seclusion

TASH is holding a congressional briefing on June 28, 2011, to discuss restraint and seclusion in schools and urge Congress to make this a national priority in 2011. Please view this important advocacy alert and help spread the word about the congressional briefing. Details inside!… read more

The New York Times Calls State’s Institutions ‘A System in Disarray’

The tragic 2007 death of Jonathan Carey is retold in this examination of New York's state-run institutions by The New York Times. New York State spends more money per capita on residents of its nine large institutions than any other state. Despite the high cost, reports of abuse and mismanagement persist in what is clearly… read more

Help Keep All Students Safe from Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

The Keeping All Students Safe Act would, for the first time, put in place minimum safety standards to prevent abusive restraint and seclusion in schools across the country, similar to protections already in place in medical and community based facilities. After two years, states will need to have their own policies in place to meet… read more

Join the APRAIS Pledge to End Restraint and Seclusion

The following is an important notice from the Alliance for the Prevention of Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion (APRAIS) The APRAIS coalition is committed to ending abusive practices. Together, we have an opportunity to continue an effort to pass federal legislation to reduce and prevent restraint and seclusion use in schools. The practice of restraint… read more

Restraint & Seclusion Among Issues Tackled during TASH TECH Workshops

TASH opened the conference halls on Wednesday for those interested in a series of interactive workshops known as TASH TECHs. Each workshop is led by a leader in their respective field. Yesterday’s TECHs included one full-day workshop titled “Keeping All Students Safe: what H.R. 4247 means for you.” This eight-hour TASH TECH covered the great… read more